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Kangaroo Ridge became a global leader in exporting classic Australian wine in the early 90’s and proudly stands for Australia.


Our commitment has been to deliver trusted and consistent quality that over delivers in price.


Why? Because Australia has some of the best wine growing regions in the world.


A family-owned company with over 35 years wine making and export expertise. Kangaroo Ridge is a leading Australian wine in European and Asian supermarkets and is exported globally to 21 countries.


Kangaroo Ridge epitomizes the quality, innovation and climate that makes Australian wine unique. 

Enjoy the quality that the Australian climate, environment and wine making standards brings to Australian wine. 


Choose Kangaroo Ridge.


Kangaroo Ridge is a family owned company. 


The Geber family continue a tradition of fine winemaking spanning three generations. 

The family believe in creating wine that showcases the quality and flavour that only Australia can deliver. 

They bring together innovation, expertise and passion to create a leading winemaking business.  



A classic Australian wine that has full flavours harnessed from the sunny vineyard regions of South Eastern Australia, with great fruit  characters of the Murray Darling region and Central Ranges, NSW.


The majestic landscape that surrounds our carefully selected vineyards provides an ideal environment for producing high quality wines. You can find Kangaroos lazing amongst the vines where they like to take shade between the rows and hop along the vines.


The soils are some of the oldest in the world (Terra Rossa) consisting of well-drained, reddish clay to silty clay soil, together with the abundant Australian sunshine that ripens the fruit to an optimum level. Kangaroo Ridge is sunshine in a glass, full ripe flavours, ripened right and delivering quality.


Harvested at night to ensure optimal temperatures and ripeness of the grapes, the latest state of the art picking technology, involves gently shaking ripe grapes from the vine to arrive in the winery cool. Winemaking using innovative state of the art technology, to focus on forward fruit flavours, with good texture, boldness and medium weight wines. The wines are masterfully blended together before bottling.


Our expertise is to blend multi regions to consistently bring out the natural fruit, medium – full bodied wines with layered flavours. Fresh, full fruit flavors, with depth and consistent quality. Ensuring the use of supportive oak to create perfectly balanced and fuller flavours. Specialising in Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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